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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A friend from school once asked me (in a 'get together' of sorts), "Why do you have to use such a dicey name in Facebook? If you haven't done anything wrong what's there to hide?"

To that Dear friend, I have nothing to hide. But I don't like surveillance engines, simple as that. Do you know what the future might bring? Some 70+ years ago, people were systematically persecuted/exterminated because they were Jews, homosexuals, or gypsies or 'HAD VIEWS'. In the same context, I could be persecuted tomorrow for ranting about Modi's riots or how the Central BJP government did nothing about graham staines killing in Orissa or how Mukesh Ambani is eating India away etc etc

There have been so many different kinds of people who have been discriminated/exterminated/killed  against for so many different reasons throughout history and it still occurs today.

When you really think about it, it becomes clear that there's actually no reason to leave anything on a social network site after a certain point in time because no one sees it or they rarely see it. It just sits there waiting for someone to see it out of context and then it can cause you a LOT of trouble.

Wish I could move to the hills, live in a cave and....just sit there!


DayDreamBeliever said...

First of all, welcome back! Secondly, I would have read this with a slightly dismissive air a few years ago, but now I agree with the paranoia (too strong a word?) because it is sadly, justified. For the same reason, I refuse to put my particulars on sites such as Linked because.... well because I don't want people knowing too much about me. Just not very comfortable with the idea. Good post!

alskdfjaskldfjalsk;dfj said...
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NoHiddenDepths said...

I googled my name sometime ago and Lo & Behold, my resume was right there on a site I had never registered. :(

Privacy hi kan ngai pawimawh lo ropui sia, kan fing chhoh tulh2 ka beisei.